Managed Services in Ohio – What it entails and why we at Quality IP do it

IT support is becoming a more and more common thing as time passes, what with the technological advancements being made in all industries. No matter the industry – big or small – IT support is a very necessary thing as more and more things come to require fairly advanced technology to operate. This is all well and good if the company is run by a younger business owner who grew up with a lot of the kinds of technology utilized in businesses today, but if you are someone who is older or perhaps did not have the fortune to have a lot of exposure to technology, there are indeed some hurdles that you will need to face by getting IT assistance. Two common varieties that we provide are IT consulting Cleveland and Managed Services Akron, and we at Quality IP will both explain why we offer them, but what they are in the first place.

What is IT Consulting Cleveland and why do we offer them

IT consulting Cleveland refers to services where we will go into a business, have a lookalike at their IT setup, and give as complete and as accurate an assessment as we can muster. We try to suss out any redundancies, any holes, and generally any areas where improvements can be made. However, while this is indeed a fair amount of what we do, we are also looking out for any positive aspects of a company’s IT situation. Because after all, if we cannot explain to them the things that they are doing correctly, how will they even know to continue doing these things in the first place? Once we are finished doing out consulting work, ideally that is the point where we pick up and go, confident that we have rendered our services adequately and that their IT situation will be a lot healthier going forward.

What is Managed Services Akron and why do we offer them

On the other hand, there are some companies out there that simply do not have the capability to manage their IT services or other such management responsibilities on their own, which is why we also offer more long-term services in the form of our Managed Services Akron. Unlike our consultation work, managed services are a more long-term, indefinite role, where so long as we are being paid adequately for our services (and ideally until our services are no longer of need to them), we will go in and essentially run whatever areas of the business need to be run, but for whatever reason cannot be run by whatever management is available. This work is a lot more complicated, as instead of simply coming in with a focus in mind and eventually having a point wherein you can say that you are finished, this could be for a fair amount of time before you can walk away.


Businesses need high quality IT support to run smoothly

What are the key ingredients used to make a small business phone system Akron based company successful? Is it management? Or is it the IT department that keeps everything running smoothly? It is a combination of both. Any business that handles tons of vital and sensitive information should have a system that is functional and operational 24 hours per day. That means around the clock monitoring, and maintenance of network systems in and around Akron.

However, most IT companies in Akron offer pay- per- service, services. This means that you can call an IT consulting Akron specialist to come to your location, and take care of your IT needs right away. In some cases, an on- site visit is not necessary, as most problems can be handled through remote access. In the event, a specialist comes out, you need to know what services the company offers, and how much experience does the technicians have in defusing complex problems.

it consulting ohio

Go with high ranking cloud services Akron companies that has a reputation of getting the job done. Traditional phone services are obsolete, although, they are used in some industries like call centers, or in home office businesses. In today’s busy scene, more and more businesses are turning to innovative perplex phone systems that does it all. The sophisticated phone system can call, fax, send and receive calls, faxes and more, using integrated software and hardware solutions.

Most small businesses operate from an extremely disciplined budget. There is no extra money for trial and errors, so every decision must count. Instead of paying for services on a continual basis, most small businesses pay for services as they need it. This is one way to get high quality, professional IT services with all the trimmings, at an affordable rate. IT consulting Akron based companies provides a host of other services that businesses can implement into their existing services.

What type of benefits and cloud services Akron businesses can expect from a good hosting company? Businesses can expect high end IT services with up to date technology, strategic planning, customized to fit the needs of their businesses, 24 hour network monitoring, virtual expansion, private infrastructures and so much more. Small businesses depend on professional guidance, and thorough navigation through the tough technical issues. That is why, every small business owner needs to consider hiring an IT consulting Akron specialist or firm to set up services that will take their business to the next level.



Stuck With Traditional IT? It’s Time for Cloud Migration

IT experts agree that Cloud technology is now the standard in Business IT. Only three percent of businesses have not considered migrating to the Cloud, and about 93% already have some form of Cloud technology working for their business. The Cloud provides your business with the capabilities of bigger companies without having to spend heavily on hardware.

Quality IP has helped businesses in different industries to utilize public and private Cloud technologies to their advantage. From establishing secure back-up systems to setting up virtual machines, Quality IP has proven itself as the go-to provider of Cloud services in Cleveland. We provide the comprehensive IT consulting Ohio businesses need to drive their business to success.Network Security companies ohio

Partner with the most trusted provider of managed services in Cleveland. Quality IP takes care of your IT needs from IT support to Cloud migration. Contact us at (330) 931-4141 or send us an email at to know more about our services. 

With the vast majority of business already using the Cloud for their business, companies that are lagging behind are likely to be at a certain disadvantage versus businesses that utilize the Cloud. Here’s what you’re missing out on without the right Cloud service:

  • Better cost efficiency – businesses that utilize Cloud services operate at a better cost efficiency than businesses that do not. Traditional IT systems only allow businesses to operate within the capabilities of their hardware, but with the right Cloud solutions, businesses could reduce expenses while maintaining operations at a higher level.
  • Better collaboration – the Cloud can house productivity tools that your staff can use to work collaboratively on a project. Better collaboration means better productivity to accomplish tasks more efficiently.
  • Better communication – communication systems in the Cloud are more reliable compared to traditional landline systems. Cloud VoIP systems provide more features and more stability and it only costs a fraction of what you pay for with traditional landlines. Better communication leads to a more efficient exchange of ideas that make the business consulting ohio
  • Better security – Cloud systems provide added layers of security that protect your valuable Quality IP The Cloud is virtually secure through multi-factor authentication protocols to ensure that your data is only accessible to authorized personnel.
  • Better reliability – Cloud systems offer more stability to your IT infrastructure. With your files and applications stored securely in the Cloud, you effectively prevent any unnecessary downtime that could affect your business.
  • Better mobility – with your systems in the Cloud, you are not just confined to your office operations. As a business owner, you can offer more flexible working arrangements to your staff, which improves productivity and work satisfaction for your consulting Cleveland

Work with the most reliable provider of IT consulting in Ohio. Quality IP provides the most comprehensive managed services in Cleveland for small to medium-sized businesses. Contact us at (330) 931-4141 or send us an email at to get in touch with an IT solutions expert.

Skype Versus Cloud VoIP Systems

Skype is the go-to communications app for millions of consumers. Launched back in 2003, Skype is the app that sunk popular communication apps such as Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, and MSN messenger. Skype is now widely used as the main communications module for small and large companies, and it is now being used as a substitute for VoIP phone systems.

Full-scale deployment of Skype and other similar apps such as Viber and Whatsapp to replace traditional phone systems and VoIP are now being considered. Skype for Business is still marketed as a collaboration tool, but Skype services can be expanded to include basic telephone functionality such as a Skype Personal Number. With all of these options available to you, we’ll help you match the features to determine which service suits best for your consulting akron

Partner with the most trusted provider of managed services in Akron. Quality IP provides the most comprehensive IT services, from day-to-day IT support to small business telephone systems in Akron. Contact us at (330) 931-4141 or send us an email at to know more about our services.


Skype for Business is marketed as a collaboration tool that businesses can use to facilitate instant staff meetings and improve the exchange of ideas in a Quality IP While these features are needed by some businesses, it cannot replace the majority of B2B communications, which is still done through telephone. For these needs, you have the option to purchase a Skype number, which would allow your contacts to reach you on a local number even when you’re out of the country.

Traditional VoIP systems, however, are more in-line with the B2B and B2C communication needs of businesses. Customer care calls can be recorded and monitored for quality control, and your staff can keep a local number where you and your clients can reach them. Traditional VoIP systems also have the basic telephone features such as caller ID, call conferencing, and call forwarding. Some VoIP providers offer voice-to-text features which you can use to store the transcript of a call for future review.

Cost-it consulting ohio

Skype is packed with more features compared to VoIP systems, but all these features would either have limitations or sold separately. Users would need to pay separately for premium accounts, Skype numbers, Skype for Business, and many more. Call rates are also billed with pay-as-you-go pricing models, which arguably cost more than VoIP systems.

Most VoIP systems offer a flat-rate monthly payment for your entire VoIP service. International calls can be billed at an additional monthly rate, and just like Skype, your local number can be reached even when you’re overseas – but without an additional charge.

Skype is power-packed with features that would apply for internal business use, but for B2B and B2C applications, Cloud VoIP systems are still your best consulting Cleveland

Get expert advice on the best technologies you can use for your business. Quality IP is the most trusted provider of managed services in Akron. Contact us at (330) 931-4141 or send us an email at to schedule a meeting with one of our IT solutions experts.

Secure VoIP systems for your business

In this modern computing age, hardly anything escapes the internet – and that includes telephone services. Traditional phone systems are still in use by many consumers, but its applications for business use is no longer viable. For many businesses, the best option is to use VoIP systems to power their company’s communication consulting Cleveland

Unlike traditional phone systems, VoIP systems are more affordable, scalable, and most important of all – mobile. You can take and make calls from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. However, security failures with VoIP systems are well known. Network security companies in Ohio understand the security threats that VoIP systems encounter on a daily basis.

You need a trusted provider of IT consulting in Cleveland to establish a small business phone system that suits your needs. Quality IP helps you establish a dependable VoIP system for your day-to-day communication needs. Contact us at (330) 931-4141 or send us an email at to know more about our services. it consulting ohio

Unlike other forms of cyber-attacks which aim to steal or malign data, attacks to VoIP systems are targeted to disrupt service or break the quality of service that the VoIP system provides. Network security companies in Ohio have provided us with common problems that your VoIP system can encounter:

  1. Bruteforce attacks – bruteforce breaches happen when SIP-enabled targets using the system of Invite-register-options signal messages to enumerate registered SIP usernames that ultimately lead to the hijacking of the device. To avoid this, you need a network monitoring service that detects anomalies such as brute force attacks.
  2. Phone vulnerabilities – some handsets have a default username and passwords. Your IT service needs to update your login credentials ASAP or hackers may attempt to exploit this simple vulnerability.
  3. SIP attacks – session initiation protocol, or SIP is the most common control protocol for VoIP systems, however it can be left unprotected without the security mechanisms that allow you to send SIP messages on an encrypted channel.
  4. Insecure passwords–many vulnerabilities originate from the user, and VoIP systems are no exception. Attackers can acquire usernames through social engineering and other methods, and –since you only need to enter it once – which makes users careless and just use the same numbers on the extension.
  5. Old extensions – businesses that do not have a kill-switch on user credentials are vulnerable to attacks originating from valid username and password combinations from a former employee or contractor. You need a system in place to protect your IT infrastructure from getting infiltrated by valid, yet unauthorized user access.Network Security companies ohio

Work with an IT service provider that goes the extra mile to protect your IT infrastructure. Quality IP provides the IT consulting Cleveland companies need to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. Contact us at (330) 931-4141 or send us an email at to get in touch with an IT security expert.