Skype Versus Cloud VoIP Systems

Skype is the go-to communications app for millions of consumers. Launched back in 2003, Skype is the app that sunk popular communication apps such as Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, and MSN messenger. Skype is now widely used as the main communications module for small and large companies, and it is now being used as a substitute for VoIP phone systems.

Full-scale deployment of Skype and other similar apps such as Viber and Whatsapp to replace traditional phone systems and VoIP are now being considered. Skype for Business is still marketed as a collaboration tool, but Skype services can be expanded to include basic telephone functionality such as a Skype Personal Number. With all of these options available to you, we’ll help you match the features to determine which service suits best for your consulting akron

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Skype for Business is marketed as a collaboration tool that businesses can use to facilitate instant staff meetings and improve the exchange of ideas in a Quality IP While these features are needed by some businesses, it cannot replace the majority of B2B communications, which is still done through telephone. For these needs, you have the option to purchase a Skype number, which would allow your contacts to reach you on a local number even when you’re out of the country.

Traditional VoIP systems, however, are more in-line with the B2B and B2C communication needs of businesses. Customer care calls can be recorded and monitored for quality control, and your staff can keep a local number where you and your clients can reach them. Traditional VoIP systems also have the basic telephone features such as caller ID, call conferencing, and call forwarding. Some VoIP providers offer voice-to-text features which you can use to store the transcript of a call for future review.

Cost-it consulting ohio

Skype is packed with more features compared to VoIP systems, but all these features would either have limitations or sold separately. Users would need to pay separately for premium accounts, Skype numbers, Skype for Business, and many more. Call rates are also billed with pay-as-you-go pricing models, which arguably cost more than VoIP systems.

Most VoIP systems offer a flat-rate monthly payment for your entire VoIP service. International calls can be billed at an additional monthly rate, and just like Skype, your local number can be reached even when you’re overseas – but without an additional charge.

Skype is power-packed with features that would apply for internal business use, but for B2B and B2C applications, Cloud VoIP systems are still your best consulting Cleveland

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