Managed Services in Ohio – What it entails and why we at Quality IP do it

IT support is becoming a more and more common thing as time passes, what with the technological advancements being made in all industries. No matter the industry – big or small – IT support is a very necessary thing as more and more things come to require fairly advanced technology to operate. This is all well and good if the company is run by a younger business owner who grew up with a lot of the kinds of technology utilized in businesses today, but if you are someone who is older or perhaps did not have the fortune to have a lot of exposure to technology, there are indeed some hurdles that you will need to face by getting IT assistance. Two common varieties that we provide are IT consulting Cleveland and Managed Services Akron, and we at Quality IP will both explain why we offer them, but what they are in the first place.

What is IT Consulting Cleveland and why do we offer them

IT consulting Cleveland refers to services where we will go into a business, have a lookalike at their IT setup, and give as complete and as accurate an assessment as we can muster. We try to suss out any redundancies, any holes, and generally any areas where improvements can be made. However, while this is indeed a fair amount of what we do, we are also looking out for any positive aspects of a company’s IT situation. Because after all, if we cannot explain to them the things that they are doing correctly, how will they even know to continue doing these things in the first place? Once we are finished doing out consulting work, ideally that is the point where we pick up and go, confident that we have rendered our services adequately and that their IT situation will be a lot healthier going forward.

What is Managed Services Akron and why do we offer them

On the other hand, there are some companies out there that simply do not have the capability to manage their IT services or other such management responsibilities on their own, which is why we also offer more long-term services in the form of our Managed Services Akron. Unlike our consultation work, managed services are a more long-term, indefinite role, where so long as we are being paid adequately for our services (and ideally until our services are no longer of need to them), we will go in and essentially run whatever areas of the business need to be run, but for whatever reason cannot be run by whatever management is available. This work is a lot more complicated, as instead of simply coming in with a focus in mind and eventually having a point wherein you can say that you are finished, this could be for a fair amount of time before you can walk away.


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